Quality & quantity goes hand in hand with rlm

Restora-Life Minerals Inc. is a third generation family owned and operated business. We at Restora-Life Minerals focus on farming from a biological perspective, whether that is in soil sampling, crop production, or herd management. We provide complete soil, tissue and forage testing services.


Restora-life minerals, inc. is committed to improving the health of crops and livestock through sustainable growing practices.

Our Vision

Restora-life minerals, inc. is committed to teaching sustainable practices in animal husbandry and soil management that bring health and wealth to the communities.

Our Philosophy...

The secret to good health is in the soil, water, and air. In other words, the environment in which we live and work is of the utmost importance.

Higher Quality + Higher Yield = Increased Profits
Security for you and your next generation
Quality and Quantity goes hand in hand with RLM