Flora-Stim is our flagship soil product. Flora-Stim is derived from Bucatunna Clay. This clay is a deposit of plant and animal life that was left here thousands of years ago. When this deposit was left here it was encapsulated in an iron ore that preserved all the natural biology from them. When we mine this clay we compost it for 6-8 months. This re-energizes and invigorates the biology in the clay.

Flora-Stim contains over 70 different trace minerals which are very deficient in agriculture today. Flora-Stim also contains humic and fulvic acid which aids in making these trace minerals available to the plant.

The biology in Flora-Stim will help break down and make available organic matter and humus in the soil.

Through trace minerals and acids Flora-Stim can help make major and secondary elements available to the plant

Flora-Stim is applied as either a broadcast or in the row at planting or side dress.

To get specific recommendations please see our soil sampling information.